Generator Destruction (a variation) Prefab V9 Feedback Round Fix

Custom game mode. Kinda like Gang Garrison 2!

  1. Yaki
    Last Update 16 October 2021: This is still a Work-In-Progress. Will keep this updated until I'm done working on it.

    Generator Destruction is a custom game mode for TF2. Due to not being officially supported by Valve, this is one of the variations of this game mode. (one of which is called Generator Defense, or probably the same name as this one...) To keep it simple, the map prefix is just "gd_".

    What is the goal in your take of Generator Destruction?
    • Each team has a generator the other team needs to destroy.
    • At the beginning of the round, both generators have uber and Wrangler shield.
    • To drop the uber and/or shield, each team must destroy the other team's shield batteries. Destroying these batteries reduces the shield's power.
    • There are two shield batteries on each team. They are weak but repairable by Engineers.
    • Destroy the batteries, destroy the generator, win the game.
    About the Generator itself
    • The generator is a Dispenser. It is classified as a building: However it does not heal, give metal, and cannot be upgraded nor repaired.
    About the Shield Batteries
    • Unlike other variations of this game mode, this one has something called a shield battery.
    • As of 3 July 2021, the shield batteries look like Repair Nodes (scrapped Engineer building)
    • Each battery destroyed reduces the shield's power. First battery removes Uber, second battery removes Wrangler shield.

    Gameplay Theory
    • Players have to decide whether to go destroy the batteries first to weaken the shield, or to make a direct attack on the generator.
    • Players are rewarded for destroying the batteries quickly, because each battery resets the time it takes to reboot the shield's power.

    Map-Design Theory
    • idk

    Special Thanks @MegapiemanPHD , Da Spud Lord , Pdan , Mr. Burguers , and sonoma for helping me with this.
    Credit Benjamoose and Murphy for Repair Node textures.


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