Generator Destruction (a variation) Prefab

Generator Destruction (a variation) Prefab v12

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  • Something not downloading? Download authors read this.
  • Updated whiteboard objective description when the map boots up
  • Updated model directories to use props_yaki/generator_destruction/
  • (Request by Sono) Added logic to fire relay when a generator gets to a certain HP value. Can have up to 16.
  • Fixed bug with BLU Generator looking like a RED Generator.
For those that want the bug fixes from last version but don't want to reinstall the entire thing:
  1. Delete the old flashing ubered RED Generator in your map, then C+P the flashin uber generator from this prefab into your map
  2. That's honestly it. The models only changed directories so no need to really update them (unless you don't want dupes of models)
- Fixes the Repair Node CPs being cappable by the team that destroyed them
  • Reorganized everything. If you used this logic in a previous map, please reinstall everything from the ground up. (except the map-wide triggers. Those are OK to keep because I didn't change those)
  • Updated Readme with full installation guide.

Gameplay Changes
  • Generator size up from 2x -> 3x
  • Previously, shield batteries resurrected themselves on their own. Now, in order to restore one of your team's shield batteries, you must now capture a CP in the designated area.
  • The HUD now displays warnings for whenever the opposing team damages any objectives. (Batteries or main Generator)

To Map Authors
  • Made it easier to setup the logic. Simply place the obj_dispensers in the correct places and it'll spawn everything necessary to get the game mode to work.
  • Added several relays for shield battery events (When damaged, respawning, or being destroyed), as well as when the generator increases/loses its shields.
  • Each battery has their own version of:
    • relay_OnShieldbatteryDamaged // When the shield battery is damaged
    • relay_OnShieldbatteryRespawned // For when the battery respawns
    • relay_OnShieldbatteryDestroyed // On destruction of a battery
  • For the main generator:
  • Again, each relay has their own team variant.
    • relay_OnGeneratorShieldLv1 // no shield
    • relay_OnGeneratorShieldLv2 // wrangler shield
    • relay_OnGeneratorShieldLv3 //full shield+uber

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Heavy's damage output to main generator nerfed by 75%. (He deals 25% damage to the generator now!)
  • Batteries now generate metal.
  • Fixed the BLU generator sign looking weird
  • Changed battery explosion FX to something less graphic intensive
Sorry gang! So apparently I didn't fix the feedback round crash. THIS VERSION MIGHT FIX IT--It's a small func_door that, when sent Open, kills most of the GD entities.

You can find the door right above the logic_auto on the right-hand side of the map!
  • Fixed crash in server bootup I/O by placing the damage reduction logic into a point_template.
    • This ties in with the Red-Tape Recorder sapper fix. I had to make the building have a high enough level to make the Red-Tape not reduce the logic-modified health of the building...
  • Updated sappers to deal 30 damage per placement (up from 10).

VERSION NOTE: This'll be the last version that has the gameplay elements of having the generator be invincible until the nodes are destroyed. More on that coming soon.
  • Added explosion effect on generator destruction.
  • Increased cooldown of /Protect your reactor/ line from 5s to 12s.
  • All generators/shield batteries now heal 5HP/sec
  • Shield batteries leave a blueprint on destruction.
  • Added new voicelines for when both batteries are destroyed.
  • Added sounds when the generator's health changes on the HUD.
  • Fixed seeing robots outside the map w/ cond 114.
  • Reduced generator HP increments from 400 to 300.
  • Updated custom assets, folders and readme.
  • Fixed visgroups not filtering some entities in prefab.
  • (while throwing salt over my shoulder superstitiously) Squashed evil bugs with Sappers...
    • Fixed Red-Tape Recorder resetting health of Generator. (known bug: Does change health of batteries. Could potentially fix that later but it's a non-issue)
    • Fixed both sappers from crashing the game.
    • Thanks Da Spud Lord for helping me with figuring out a workable solution for this.
  • Updated HUD icon for shielded Dispenser and base Dispenser
  • (undocumented in V6) reduced HUD update for map-wide triggers from Retrigger rate 1.1 to 0.01
I forgot to pack the repair node!
Map with V4 (gd_texas_a1c:

Shield Batteries
  • Dropped count from 3 -> 2
  • Now uses Repair Node model
  • Reduced health from 50 per player to 30 per player (cap 600)
  • Buildings now permanently disabled (can't heal etc)

  • Reduced health from 500 per player to 400 per player
  • (Bug Fix) Sappers are now removed immediately on placement. (Red-Tape broke the map)
  • (Bug Fix) Sappers don't re-enable buildings
  • Generator now only ubered, gains 66% damage resistance, then completely vulnerable.
Added new announcer voicelines
  • "You must destroy the enemy's reactor!"
  • "Destroy the enemy's reactor core!"

Added new assets


  • gd_powergrid0005.jpg
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  • generator_resist_shield.png
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  • generator_resist_base.png
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  • The vgui_screen panel on the generator now disappear when ubered.
  • Added a fix for the HUD not deducting points when a player is in the respawn room.
  • Updated the files
    • Added a GD description for the whiteboard in the beginning of the map
    • Updated the level sounds to remove the intel-capture lines for all classes.
  • Updated readme
For those updating from V4 to V5
  • Copy and replace all the logic side of the prefab.
  • Copy the BLU generator (just the BLU one!) from this prefab and replace it with the one in your map.
  • Place the condition triggers in the respawn rooms.
    • You can make a new brush entity called "trigger_add_tf_player_condition" with condition 65, set to -1 duration.
  • Re-place all the map-wide triggers with the new ones in the prefab.
That's all for now. Have fun!