Generator Destruction (a variation) Prefab V9 Feedback Round Fix

Custom game mode. Kinda like Gang Garrison 2!

  1. V9 Feedback Round Fix

    Sorry gang! So apparently I didn't fix the feedback round crash. THIS VERSION MIGHT FIX IT--It's a small func_door that, when sent Open, kills most of the GD entities.

    You can find the door right above the logic_auto on the right-hand side of the map!
  2. V9

    • Fixed crash in server bootup I/O by placing the damage reduction logic into a point_template.
      • This ties in with the Red-Tape Recorder sapper fix. I had to make the building have a high enough level to make the Red-Tape not reduce the logic-modified health of the building...
    • Updated sappers to deal 30 damage per placement (up from 10).

    VERSION NOTE: This'll be the last version that has the gameplay elements of having the generator be...
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  3. Version 8

    • Added explosion effect on generator destruction.
    • Increased cooldown of /Protect your reactor/ line from 5s to 12s.
    • All generators/shield batteries now heal 5HP/sec
    • Shield batteries leave a blueprint on destruction.
    • Added new voicelines for when both batteries are destroyed.
    • Added sounds when the generator's health changes on the HUD.
    • Fixed seeing robots outside the map w/ cond 114.
    • Reduced generator HP increments from 400 to 300.
    • Updated custom assets,...
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  4. V7

    • (while throwing salt over my shoulder superstitiously) Squashed evil bugs with Sappers...
      • Fixed Red-Tape Recorder resetting health of Generator. (known bug: Does change health of batteries. Could potentially fix that later but it's a non-issue)
      • Fixed both sappers from crashing the game.
      • Thanks Da Spud Lord for helping me with figuring out a workable solution for this.
    • Updated HUD icon for shielded Dispenser and base Dispenser
    • (undocumented in V6)...
  5. I forgot to pack repair node

    I forgot to pack the repair node!
  6. V6

    Map with V4 (gd_texas_a1c:

    Shield Batteries
    • Dropped count from 3 -> 2
    • Now uses Repair Node model
    • Reduced health from 50 per player to 30 per player (cap 600)
    • Buildings now permanently disabled (can't heal etc)

    • Reduced health from 500 per player to 400 per player
    • (Bug Fix) Sappers are now removed immediately on placement. (Red-Tape broke the map)
    • (Bug...
  7. V5

    • The vgui_screen panel on the generator now disappear when ubered.
    • Added a fix for the HUD not deducting points when a player is in the respawn room.
    • Updated the files
      • Added a GD description for the whiteboard in the beginning of the map
      • Updated the level sounds to remove the intel-capture lines for all classes.
    • Updated readme
    For those updating from V4 to V5
    • Copy and replace all the logic side of the prefab.
    • Copy...
  8. V4

    • Fixed file directory not actually having a 'custom' folder in it! doh
    • Added effects for the shield batteries.
    • Fixed bug where vgui_screen would resize on all dispensers.
    • Added scaling health for shield batteries (+50 per player, cap 1200)
    • Fixed bug where shield batteries couldn't spawn. (due to env_entity_maker not spawning the template in brushes)
    • Added new assets
      • Uber Dispenser
      • "Generator" sign (it's kind of WIP)
      • "Uber" HUD icon...


    1. generator_resist_uber.png
    2. gd_powergrid0004.jpg
  9. V3

    • Logic Updated
      • Damage Reduction logic tightened to calculate precisely the time of damage occurs. That means no lag or hiccups where the generator heals erroneously. It's flawless! Woooooo!
      • HUD counter logic tuned to be even more accurate, and less laggy.
        • The score only updates when someone picks up a flag to reduce the score. These flags spawn when the score needs to be updated, but this update lags the game if updated too fast.
        • To change...
  10. I messed up

    - Fixed leaking wall
    - Fixed intel/flags drawing into the world.