Takeback a16

Take back what was stolen from your team, and take their land while your at it.

  1. alpha 16

    Sir Perry
    added new hall between cap and first hall
    added kill trigger in Red Spawn that turns on after point is capped
    added new flank path into yellow hall
    added new door outside blue forward spawn
    added new ramp to cliff
    adjusted bridge from the barn to cliff
    major changes to last cap
    changed boxes from stairs
    moved props around
    added more props around
    adjusted fade distance
  2. Alpha 15

    Sir Perry
    New Path to split a sniper sightline
    Cliff adjustment
    texture adjustments
    moved props
    moved wall
    moved rocks
    adjusted Red Shed
    spawn room adjustments
  3. Alpha 14

    Sir Perry
    Adjusted Cave wall
    changed blu forward spawn door
    Moved Blue Forward spawn
    adjusted wooden bridge
    Adjusted skybox brushes
    adjusted textures
    Removed and Replaced the large shed in Blu starting area.
    Added Custom props (Credits go to all the prop makers.)
  4. Alpha 13

    Sir Perry
    moved last red spawn door over
    moved fence's close to last cap
    added bridge to last cap
    added a lone small med pack under new bridge
  5. Alpha 12

    Sir Perry
    Removed upper cave entrance
    turned first cave into a hall
    Updated 3D skybox
    Updated 2D skybox
    Fixed Respawn Times
    adjusted clips
    shortened the
    added a no entry door that closes on red forward spawn when blue caps
    adjusted sun angles
  6. Alpha 11

    Sir Perry
    Replaced rocks with shed
    added fence to block capping snipers from camping red forward spawn
    adjusted cave
    moved some fences around
    made the hall between blue forward, and Capture point A wider
    added lights close to the floor in barn past red spawn
    added a light under shed by final capture point
    adjusted prop locations
    adjusted prop fading
  7. Alpha 10

    Sir Perry
    Just to many to list, like jeebus.
  8. Alpha 9

    Sir Perry
    clipping issue with Red Forward spawn
    removed clip above Red Shed just for fun
    adjusted textures
  9. Alpha 8

    Sir Perry
    Moved red forward spawn
    added vertical detail hight
    added more signage
    adjusted staircase on point
    added more med and ammo packs around the map
    added detail to final set up room thing
    added new flank rout to back of Red spawn on final point
    changed some stuff around on final point
    changed textures
    removed rocks
    to many changes to note down
  10. Alpha 7

    Sir Perry
    Closed Door across from first point
    Prop Fading
    roof to center building
    new door way into First Point
    new Red Forward Spawn (will adjust later, Just a place holder)
    Added Displacements
    If anyone ACTUALLY Reads these. say Jonny Boy in the Feed back please.
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