Synthetic Event rc3d

A spooky King of the Hill map at a possibly Haunted Estate

  1. Dialing it in

    -removed some props and changed around some detailing to try and improve fps
    -changed timing for boss
    -other optimization attempts
    -fixed some clipping issues
    -changed around the skybox
  2. another day, another update

    -fixed some clipping issues
    -attempted to optimize the map better so it runs less crappily for some people
  3. More little things

    -removed dynamic windows
    -fixed some prop locations
  4. Big Boss

    -attempted to give the toastmaster more health (from 1000 to 5000)
    -fixed stuck spot
    -changed tf_holiday to try and remove the odd birthday stuff and make it halloween only instead
  5. I can see, I can fight

    -improved lighting in outside areas
    -fixed some areas where the wrap assassin bauble would be destroyed when it wasn't supposed
    -small detail changes
    -small optimization fixes
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  6. Toast the Master

    -Removed normal skeletons
    -Replaced the Skeleton King with the Toastmaster
  7. the little things

    -fixed some asymmetrical brushwork
    -other things (you'll never know)
  8. fixed cubemaps

    fixed cubemaps
  9. Before full release

    -changed outdoor lighting to try and be brighter and easier to see players
    -change spawning time for skeleton king so he appears less often
    -moved health and ammo in the side buildings by mid to be infront of the death pits there
  10. Light up the night

    -lighting changes to make the map overall brighter and more interesting
    -shadow fixes here and there
    -added a mun