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Synthetic Event b2a

A spooky King of the Hill map at a possibly Haunted Estate

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    *The Sinclair Estate is a place of mystery. What was once a place of old money and built by a wealthy family has become little more than a cluster of decrepit buildings, buildings that hold a secret.

    Annabelle Sinclair, the soul heir to the Sinclair fortune spent years alone on the property, fully consumed by her research. Using a combination of Magic and Science, she retrofitted the estate to cater to her experiments over the years. Bodies, machine parts, potions, and occult paraphernalia began to the grounds as her research lead her closer and closer to the goal of creating SYNTHETIC life and a full understanding of death itself. Her advances in Science and Magic had been fruitful over the years but, the years, had not been kind.

    Death eventually found it's way to the Sinclair estate, despite having been given poor directions, and the property was quickly put up for auction.

    Due to some...complicated error in the paperwork, both Builders League United and Reliable Excavation Demolition find themselves reluctant co-owners of the Estate.

    Now each company sends it's bloodthirsty mercenaries to fight each other in hopes of claiming whatever dark secrets the place may hold for themselves.*

    KOTH_Synthetic_Event (Sinthetic for those who wanna get fancy) is a re-themed version of my map, Koth_Synthetic. It has your stock halloween stuff such as spell books, pumpkin bombs, and a night time setting as well as a few other things hidden around here and there. I would like to send out a MASSIVE thanks to many of the people who helped me with this project, either by making custom assets, letting me use their unreleased assets, or releasing assets to the public that I could download and use from this site. Specific thanks go to FDG5, Blaholtzen, DatGmann, ChargingTurnip, and Hutty for working with me to make custom content for this project.

    Layout, Detailing, Logic - MegapiemanPHD
    Hearse - DeRoseJ
    Autumnal Textures - Berry
    Tesla Coil - Jusa
    Creeper Truck, Plaque - FGD5
    Synthetic Tank Vat - Hutty
    Heavy on Streacher, Old Wheelchair - Mic
    Arctic Pack - Dr.Face
    Spooky Overlays Mini-pack - Diva Dan
    Large Cauldron - asg_alligator
    Small Caldron - Sheltr
    Painting Frames, Scale, Small Jars - DatGmann
    Paintings, Vintage Prop Textures - Blaholtzen
    Microscope - Frying Dutch Man
    Glass Beakers - Colteh
    Liqour Chest Edit - VasyaTheWizard
    Specimen Jar - ChargingTurnip
    SFM Beta Content - Valve
    Industrial Pipes with Vertex Lighting - pont
    Metal Door 009a texture - Squeezit


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