Sydney Summer A3

The Mercenaries plan their Summer vacations to Australia, unaware of the frozen tundra that awaits

  1. A3 UPDATE

    Change Log
    • fixed game breaking bug that allowed red to open blu spawn doors
    • fixed bug that allowed red to spawn in blue
    • removed displacements and were replaced by brushes
    • added patches under ammo and health packs
    • added more lighting to red and blue buildings
    • changed roof textures from ice to dev grey grid
    • increased skybox height
  2. Title Change to A2

    as the title says, the map is changing to A2 so the file didn't update
  3. Minor Change (not enough to warrant an A2 title)

    • fixed a problem with the teams respawn times not being altered after cap
    • plugged a leak at mid
    • fixed a lighting error in blu spawn