Sword fight on the heights a6

ROBLOX + TF2 = ???

  1. Diva Dan
    PLEASE USE THE CVAR tf_powerup_mode 1 to spawn powerups!

    This map is a stud-for-stud recreation of the classic roblox game SFOTH IV.

    On the map, you will be randomly placed and given several seconds of ubercharge. The cores you get from killing other players must be delivered to the center using the colorful portals near the far reaches of the map. But look out, because players can find both spells and powerups from different podiums!

    This map is restricted to medieval to recreated the sword-only aspect of SFOTH. It may change later.

    This is still in early development, much of the map is missing and there is still logic to iron out!





    And the original for comparison

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    this brought me right back to 2009
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    nostalgia is hitting me hard
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