Staple rc1

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Staple rc1

2 CP arena map where each team starts with a point

Staple is an arena map similar to byre, but with a twist. Instead of both control points starting neutral, both points begin being owned by their respective team.

The goal of this mechanic is to pair a strong team offense with a strong defense. While byre has the benefit of each team moving back and forth quickly to prevent camping, this map offers several very powerful attacking routes to each side. Alone this would feel unfair, but when each team owns their point right off the bat, I aim to create an interesting tug-of-war. that hopefully ends quickly. The only health kits are along attacking routes, and metal is relatively scarce.

Below are some screenshots of the first version.

(and yes, I know the roofs are quite bad, it's temp optimization, or at least that's my excuse)







I hope that the gamemode comes out well and you have fun playing it!
Diva Dan
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  1. RC Fix

    RC Fix
  2. rc1a

    Updated the site download to the latest workshop version
  3. idk

    random detailing and lighting removed the trimp ramps and breakable windows They sucked! A lot!

Latest reviews

this is my favorite arena experience of my LIFE
Even with 4 people per team, that was so much fun. Near the end of the imp when we were testing this we were constantly like "Just one more round."
"One more."
"One more."
"One more."
Looks nice! I like the roofing as well as the well-rounded aesthetic! Good Job!