Stailia S1 A16

First stage of a multi-stage payload.

  1. Mirrored & Wooden

    - Mirrored Last
    - Removed under entrance into last
    - Opened last more for red
    - Reworked Blu's flank
    - Removed Props and elevated terrain
    - Edited exit in Blu's first flank
    - Removed background train (testing purposes)
    pl_stailia_s1_a16 (1).jpg pl_stailia_s1_a16 (9).jpg
  2. Lighting Fix

    - Fixed small light issues
    - Added lighting to Blu's right side flank at last
  3. Shrunked Last

    - Shrunk last down
    - Removed rock under walkway at first
    - Added railing to right walk onto lift
    - Replaced one-way with small passage that opens after first
    - Turned Tank Payload back to normal for gameplay and story reasons
    - Moved rock collisions down at first to allow crouch jumps
    - Added more red play spawns
    - Edited player respawn timers
    pl_stailia_s1_15 (1).jpg pl_stailia_s1_15 (6).jpg
  4. Last Extended

    - Removed and rearranged some props at first to make it less cluttered
    - Added props to act as a ramp in Blu's flank at first
    - Extended Last
    - Removed Red's one-way
    - Reworked Blu's last flank
    - Gave Blu a one-way before last point
    - Gave extra entrance to last flank
    pl_stailia_s1_a14 (1).jpg pl_stailia_s1_a14 (10).jpg
  5. Last One Way

    - Added a one way for at last for red to prevent Blu from reaching red spawn.
    - "Decorated" platform at last.
    - Edited Blu's flank at first.
    pl_stailia_s1_a13 (9).jpg pl_stailia_s1_a13 (1).jpg
  6. Pipe

    - Added a small walkway for Blu at first.
    - Edited terrain in first flank.
    - Made upper entrance/exit for first flank wider.
    - Edited left stairs in last.
    - Gave Red one extra door.
    - Changed stairs width and height to be 12 x 8
    pl_stailia_s1_a12 (8).jpg
  7. Visual Fix

    - Fixed a slight visual error with rocks at first
  8. First Ground

    - Increased play area on first for red
    - Edited last to give red more power
    pl_stailia_s1_a11_ (1).jpg pl_stailia_s1_a11_ (6).jpg
  9. Red

    - Added a metal door to slow down blu, giving red extra time to set up at last
    - Reworked blu's flank building at first, removing massive sightline
    - Removed blu balcony at last, lowered the entrance
    - Opened red's right building at last
    pl_stailia_s1_a9_images (1).jpg pl_stailia_s1_a9_images (3).jpg
  10. Swiming Blu

    - Raised the left area in last to give red higher ground
    - Turned left drop-down in last to a regular flank
    - Added an extra flank for blu at first
    - Added a stair case to the first blu building at first
    - Removed fence inside blu spawn so they can go swimming
    pl_stailia_s1_a9_images  (11).jpg pl_stailia_s1_a9_images  (4).jpg