Spookeyridge B7

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Spookeyridge B7

Halloween version of Stoneyridge

WIP event version of cp_stoneyridge. Featuring an alternate dimension version of the map used as a hidden flank route, coffins that kill you and release your skeleton onto the map, and (as always) one of the largest explosions in TF2.

Been making this and testing it on my Twitch stream. Feel free to come hang out and watch.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. B7!

    Changelog: Modified side route to provide more cover going through choke point behind first More extensive optimizations Lighting adjustments Small tweaks I dunno, I really need to start writing these as I work.
  2. Feckin' actually updated

    Oops I forgot to iterate the version on here. :|
  3. Update!

    Changelog: Nav mesh should now work on the workshop version! (any server owners want to test for me?) Optimization pass, blocked a bunch of windows that weren't necessary Balance tweaks Lighting tweaks all over Implemented some new models New...

Latest reviews

Was pretty spooky
need more sp00ky cold feels