Spookeyridge B7

Halloween version of Stoneyridge

  1. B7!

    Modified side route to provide more cover going through choke point behind first
    More extensive optimizations
    Lighting adjustments
    Small tweaks I dunno, I really need to start writing these as I work.
  2. Feckin' actually updated

    Oops I forgot to iterate the version on here. :|
  3. Update!

    Nav mesh should now work on the workshop version! (any server owners want to test for me?)
    Optimization pass, blocked a bunch of windows that weren't necessary
    Balance tweaks
    Lighting tweaks all over
    Implemented some new models
    New model + animation holding the bombinomicon on last
    New particles on the spike, which change when the final point is contested
    New particles on the portal entrances, each showing the location you will travel to in them
    New finale
    Coffins now shut much...
  4. Big update!

    Oh god I did so much
    More artpassing
    New particles
    New props
    Adjusted timings of captures/ spawns for balancing
    Moved portals around for balance
    Fixed lots of exploits
    Fixed finale crash bug
    Broke other things
  5. Stuff and things

    Removed snow
    Refined coffin timing
    Adjusted teleporter locations
    Further spooks
    Other stuff I forget