speciality a5b

A combination of arena and A/D

  1. Hud fixes and some small changes

    The Smk
    +added fence to block the secound hallway on a
    +fixed the hud not working for b
    +added signs
    +Area portals added
  2. I totally didnt forget func detail again

    The Smk
    reactivated func_detail
  3. Wow actual Layout changes

    The Smk
    A secound Cp to make it easier for blue to win
    A Countdown (thx to mimas terror)
    Changed the connector to first
    Optimized the Map a bit
  4. The Cactus Update

    The Smk
    + added some areas only accessible for specific classes
    +added Cover
    +added a Cactus
    +added a Sniper Spot that needs some jumping to get to
    +added door in the Mine part to get a bit of a delay on blue to get red to the tunnel first
  5. Scale and Scale (and namechange)

    The Smk
    + Made Map ALOT smaller
    +changed Red defend time from 60 to 45
    +removed broken Lights
    +Fixed that spelling Mistake
    20161018235122_1.jpg 20161018235106_1.jpg 20161018235115_1.jpg
  6. Scale and Cover

    The Smk
    made everything a bit small
    added a bit more geometry to make it more interesting and more covered