Southpole a4

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Southpole a4

Player Destruction at Old Nick's Smissmas Workshop

Can you feel it, that cold chill going up your spine? The twinge of dread at what's to come? It could only mean one thing? Smissmas time is here!

Welcome to Old Nick's South Pole workshop. This year he's changed up his usual plans of kidnapping children from all over the world and forcing them to make gifts for him and has instead captured both the RED and BLU teams.

Each team must now fight each other to the death and collect parts to fill up the Gift-maker-o-matic-tron till Old Nick is satisfied. The winner gets to leave, the loser gets to stay at the South Pole for all of eternity, or at least till they die of natural causes. Whichever comes first.
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Player Destruction
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Latest updates

  1. Dunno

    -changed cap point again. Now it's a control point that goes down the conveyor in the central room of mid -changed the side rooms of the mid building to fit the moved deposit zone and to try and be more interesting in general
  2. the trifecta

    -added more delivery zones. Now there's 3 places to deliver points that are active at the same time. Should stop camping the cap zones -moved around pickups and added some more stairs for getting to the 2nd floor of the mid building easier...
  3. Where you good this year?

    -blocked sightline from mid building to one of the spawn exits -changed cap zone from conveyor belt to an opening and closing area -moved old nick -shortened the width of the mid building