Southpole a4

Player Destruction at Old Nick's Smissmas Workshop

  1. Dunno

    -changed cap point again. Now it's a control point that goes down the conveyor in the central room of mid
    -changed the side rooms of the mid building to fit the moved deposit zone and to try and be more interesting in general
  2. the trifecta

    -added more delivery zones. Now there's 3 places to deliver points that are active at the same time. Should stop camping the cap zones
    -moved around pickups and added some more stairs for getting to the 2nd floor of the mid building easier
    -blocked a couple of sightlines
    -moved old nick again
    -removed all trigger_hurt brushes
    -changed around logic to show a timer during the delivery period as well as the gather period
    -added sprites to make it easier to tell where the cap zones are
    -added 10...
  3. Where you good this year?

    -blocked sightline from mid building to one of the spawn exits
    -changed cap zone from conveyor belt to an opening and closing area
    -moved old nick
    -shortened the width of the mid building