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Soul Pit a1c

Occult twist on Robot Destruction

For the Unofficial Spookfest 2022 contest!

I'll write lore here when I'm not tired lol

Each robot type in standard robot destruction is more or less the same, just with different hit points and cores dropped on kill. I hope to make it more interesting with this map!

The A robots move forward to the enemy's side to stoke the pyre. This generates cores depending on how many robots are around the pyre. As long as one robot is around the pyre, a secret fast route to the enemy intel will open!

The B robots are capable of casting spells in retaliation on hit. Some spells include summoning Jarate, Mad Milk, Gas Passer, fireballs and pumpkin bombs.

There is a singular C robot. It has a lot of health and can cast more spells, including summoning skeletons! If you do manage to defeat this robot, you will be rewarded with a ton of cores!

Please let me know what you think.

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Robot Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. a1c - VScript stability test version

    Replaced all the silly, jank map logic with VScript! Huge thanks to Leezo who did all of the VScript stuff! We are mostly just testing this out to see if the VScript is stable and doesn't impact server performance too much. Will be working on...
  2. a1b - last fix before contest deadline

    I don't have enough time to make any major changes before the deadline, so this is just a few little things. Changes: Fixed asymmetrical pickups on one side (oops!) Added flag respawn triggers to the bottom of the death pits Added more signage...
  3. a1a - minor fixes and cosmetic changes

    Changes in this verision: Fixed potential edict leaks with certain spells (some entities might not have been being deleted) Fixed cosmetic effects on one team's robots not appearing Fixed fire spell logic Fixed pumpkin bombs and skeletons...