halloween 2022

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  1. MC_Labs15

    Unofficial Contest: MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest [RESULTS]

    The time is upon us! Below are the final results: 1st Place ($300): Ares by Aulli 2nd Place ($150): Vacuum by Brokkhouse & Muddy 3rd Place ($50): Spookery by Mess About 4th Place: Poltergeist by Tang & Rhamkin 5th Place: Meat Train by Ray is Sucky 6th Place: Soul Pit by...
  2. SuperLuxDeluxe

    Soul Pit a1c

    For the Unofficial Spookfest 2022 contest! ----- I'll write lore here when I'm not tired lol ----- Each robot type in standard robot destruction is more or less the same, just with different hit points and cores dropped on kill. I hope to make it more interesting with this map! The A robots...
  3. August101

    pl_zoned a6

    A payload map for the 2022 spookfest competition, featuring a payload that goes into the underworld itself.
  4. zythe_

    dungeon (junction event) rc1

    the tag line doesn't lie. halloween reskin of cp_junction made with the full knowledge and consent of sean "heyo", the original creator of cp_junction. i added a underworld.
  5. Mess About

    koth_spookery a9

    my entry to MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest 2022 Name: koth_spookery Theme: Halloween, maritime Custom content: sky_night_02, sunshine arches (lot of them) Feature: friendly ghost that heals your team and scare off the enemy less spicy pumpkin bombs (compared with Valve version) well as a deathpit...