Sog A1

First attempt at a 5cp comp map.

  1. savvaisnotagirlolbbq
    Took me a while but I finally made an alpha map of the comp map that I envisioned. However I might not update it because I feel like its fundamentally flawed (especially in mid) and not fun in general. I spent most of my time trying to perfect the gameplay aspects of 2nd and last, so if people don't like those parts of the map, I'm scrapping this map and gonna make a new layout.

    Theme I went for is a sleet type of winter map that's basically wet and cold. I'm gonna rework mid so it would be more open and not a lazily placed house between some large walls. 20180626215824_1.jpg 20180626215806_1.jpg 20180626215753_1.jpg 20180626215746_1.jpg 20180626215739_1.jpg 20180626215733_1.jpg 20180626215727_1.jpg