Sun A2_72HourJam

You can explode the sun here.

  1. savvaisnotagirlolbbq
    72 Hour Summer Jam Entry!

    I always take things literally, and when it comes to Summer, you can't have summer without the sun. Its a unique Special Delivery gamemode in which the rules are fairly simple but can be challenging when played. Bring the Australium on top of the sun. There's a lot of environmental hazards in here, and because the sun is so close, the gravity becomes weaker. (Interstellar Logic)

    This mode is really just for casual play but I will be very surprised if a competition was played here. I will probably update this map later on but I got other projects on the moment that are in the way and also fall semester is coming soon too.

    Credit to ABS Mapping Resource Pack and 1 texture from the Frontline Pack.
    20180729010434_1.jpg 20180729010455_1.jpg 20180729010500_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. A2 Update, final update for 72 Hour Jam