Snowthistle A3

A tranquil icy ruin somewhere in the deep north.

  1. Version A3

    Maid of Heart
    - Filled in gaps in track.
    - Made cart stop floating above track.
    - Widened platforms leading to spires and spires themselves.
    - Added more rocks in central spawn courtyard to remove access to sneaky shady spots.
    - Cleared up detail sprites clipping thru floors.
    - Extended rollforward zone slightly.
    - Slightly smoothed outcrop in spawn tunnels.
    - Moved spark particles to front of carts.
    - Added trigger_push to top of walls next to peak roofs.
  2. Version A2b

    Maid of Heart
    - Changed cart props.
    - Changed fog colour.
    - Added snow piles to top of outside stump patches.
    - Slightly moved small health packs behind payload start locations.
    - Rotated some stump patches and trees to reduce symmetry of natural terrain.
    - Removed collisions from all light props with collisions.
    - Moved a tree that was clipping through a wall (it's still slightly clipping through the wall though :/ )
    - Changed some lighting.
  3. Version A2

    Maid of Heart
    - Moved all walls on mid out by 32 units, extended platforms to compensate.
    - Slowed down carts.
    - Added balcony overlooking log ramp.
    - Moved signs in spawns.
    - Added more pickups.
    - Added spectator cameras.
    - Shortened step out of window on outpost hut.
    - Added trigger_pushes to the tops of trees.
    - Made trigger_pushes actually work.
    - Raised towers on mid to better indicate clipping.
    - Changed and added some props to better indicate clipping and allow for new architecture.
    - Lighting...
  4. Version A1c

    Maid of Heart
    - Changed door sounds to stop them playing everywhere.
    - Clipping improvements and clipped off all towers.
    - Surrounded spike roof with trigger_pushes.
    - Efforts to cut various sightlines with prop changes etc.
    - Changed playerclips on cliff walls to blockbullets.
    - Changed lighting origin of treestumps under pickups.
  5. Version A1b

    Maid of Heart
    Fixed the missing detail sprites textures (hopefully).