Snowthistle B4b

A tranquil icy ruin somewhere in the deep north.

  1. Version B4b

    so i compiled b4 with toolbrushes off lol
    ty gravidea for telling me
  2. Version B4 - It's back !!

    It's been about two years since I started this map, and more than a year and a half since I last updated it. There's a lot of things I really like about it and quite a few things I think could be much better, not to mention I've had a huge amount of playtesting on the most recent version from the contest judging period. This update is focused more on gameplay refinements than visuals. Let's hope I haven't ruined it :p

    - Fully tore out and rebuilt spawn areas, which are currently remaining...
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  3. Version B3 - Last before deadline

    - Added signs for speedup by checkpoints.
    - Added a custom poster as a lil signature.
    - Mentioned cart speedup in setup onscreen text.
    - Nobuilded under some foliage.
    - Added a rock under a bush by spawn to lessen potential of camping.
    - Messed around with a lotta prop lighting and lightmaps - I don't think anything can fix the ivy underneath the wood platforms. :/
  4. Version B2

    - Changed rocks and cliffs to AsG_Alligator's mossy versions.
    - Roughed up tops of ruined walls with very small displacements.
    - Rimmed and retextured stairs.
    - Metal flooring in right spawn tunnel.
    - Changed bushes.
    - Thinned cables.
    - Lighting changes.
    - Blocklighted the spawnroom doors.
    - Made it foggier.
    - Attempts at optimisation.
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  5. Version B1

    - Artpass of playspace.
    - Lots of prop additions, changes and refinements.
    - Lighting + displacement adjustments.
    - Made the snow sparkly.
    - Moved cart spectator cameras up.
    - Repacked the map.

    Out of bounds areas, spawn tunnels + 3D skybox still not done.
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  6. Version A8

    - Made losing team's cart set on fire when derailed - unfortunately at the moment this fire does not stay upright, so looks pretty odd when the cart is angled. I should hopefully be able to find a fix for this.
    - Nobuilded underneath most trees.
    - Changed prop patches.
    - Raised displacement by side entrances to mid so players don't have to jump.
    - Closed a displacement seam in the spawn tunnels.
    - Turned down bloom scale slightly.

    This may well be the last alpha version!
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  7. Version A7

    - Added logs with board ramps on lower level of mid.
    - Remade cart base structure.
    - Raised a ledge to allow for jumping onto the new cart base structure.
    - Efforts to hinder/block sightlines through geometry + prop changes/additions.
    - Symmetry corrections.
    - Changed ceiling texture within spawnrooms.
    - Repositioned some path_tracks.
  8. Version A6c

    - Fixed spawnpoints to stop all players spawning at all points regardless of team.
    - Trying to get this version out as quick as I can, so I've neglected to build cubemaps - sorry!
  9. Version A6b

    - Blocked a sightline I hadn't noticed.
  10. Version A6

    - Textured spawnroom interiors.
    - New fences to block sightlines in spawn courtyards.
    - Fixed blu cart not registering red players blocking it - thank you 14bit!
    - Changed and added some pickups.
    - Extended balcony over log ramp to allow for placement of engineer buildings.
    - Additional debris props.
    - Increased cart speed cap significantly (244 to 595).
    - Added soundscapes.
    - Fixed some symmetry inconsistences.
    - Placed nobuild zone under tree behind cart base.
    - Moved around some overlays....