snowcastle b3

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snowcastle b3

2cp arena in an old sleepy town in a perilous location.

Snowcastle (working title) is a small 2cp arena map set in a town surrounded by castle walls and cliffs. Lots of interconnected routes let players be sneaky, putting an emphasis on tactical gameplay and helping ensure rounds don't play the same every time.

Entry for the Connect 5 contest. I decided to put my previous payload entry on hiatus after I realized I would more likely finish a small map before the deadline.

Uses Diva Dan's Tall Thin Pines and some textures from Frontline.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. b3

    b3 - map is halloween now! i hope the map logic works. - detailing and lighting updates
  2. b2

    -fixed clipping, probably -added spec camera
  3. b1

    -artpass -changed all ammo packs to full ammo, except ammo by spawn, which is a medium -added medium health to mid on bridge -probably forgot some changes because im rushing this out the door -probably forgot some essential things like...

Latest reviews

This is the best 2cp Arena I played so far. Flanks are fun, good open spaces for fights, great medpack placement. If you could optimize it more so I could get more than 60 fps, it would be perfect.
A nice memoir of the majesty of Byre.