snowcastle b2

2cp arena in an old sleepy town in a perilous location.

  1. b2

    -fixed clipping, probably
    -added spec camera
  2. b1

    -changed all ammo packs to full ammo, except ammo by spawn, which is a medium
    -added medium health to mid on bridge
    -probably forgot some changes because im rushing this out the door
    -probably forgot some essential things like soundscapes (definitely forgot) and some clipping (maybe forgot?)
  3. a2

    -adjusted cover near points. removed tree, added stack of props. aim is to make point easier to approach as a flank class from head on.
    -also added a railing by the point to make countering the balcony attack route more of a commitment.
    -added medium health to route under point to incentivize players to use it.
    -moved health/ammo by point towards spawn.
    -adjusted cover present in the castle to make attacking point a bit easier.
    -adjusted lighting in basement and slightly moved health.