Snow Mountains

Multi Stage Snow Mountains A2

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Multi Stage Snow Mountains A2

Mulit Stage a/d map set in the snowy mountains

(This name is NOT final!)
This is a 2 stage a/d map set in the snowy mountains. RED has tried to set up a fake town, in order to disguise their secret base. Unfortunately, BLU has gotten there too quick. RED was almost finished with the whole town, right before the fighting broke out.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Minor/Major update

    -Added more height variation to last 1st stg -Added building w/ non-clipped roof to 2nd stg start -Fixed last roof for 2nd not being able to walk on -Fixed clipping issues -Removed 3rd stg (For now... Maybe...) -Added small building to 1st and...