Skyfall A7a

A mirrored Trainsawlaser wannabe floating high in the sky.

  1. Alpha 7a

    Da Spud Lord
    -Fixed players being able to stand in mid-air on the CP while the CP trapdoor was open
    -Fixed players retaining low gravity upon a round restart

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  2. Alpha 7

    Da Spud Lord
    Had this sitting around on my hard drive for about a month. Forgot it was there. Finally uploading it.
    -Redesigned the rainbow pipes
    -After a team wins, players are teleported to a large vertical pipe where they fall slowly
    -Every 100 kills, 2 team-colored tornadoes appear and roam the map, throwing nearby players in random directions
    -Added a 3-digit death counter above the control point
    -Players coming out of the rainbow tunnels are given a 1-sec ubercharge to prevent camping
    -A floating...
  3. Alpha 6b

    Da Spud Lord
    It takes 34 minutes to compile VVIS... I should really use a couple func_visclusters...
    -Combined some of the rotating platforms
    -Fixed asymmetrical rotation directions on some of the rotating platforms
    -Added floating diamonds all over the map
    -Replaced the red no entry barriers on Blu's side with blue barriers
    -Made the ends of the large rainbow pipes longer to make it more realistically blend into shadow
    -Fixed an unmirrored trigger_push in the rainbow pipes...
  4. Alpha 6: The Detailing Update

    Da Spud Lord
    -Rebuilt the map from the ground up with a new layout
    -Created an organized system to manage the color scheme
    -Slightly decreased the point trapdoor speed
    -Engineers can no longer build teleporters in the water
    -Slightly slowed the rotating platforms
    -The bumpers are now spherical rather than cylindrical
    -Asymmetrical spawnroom detailing
    -Added a 3D skybox
    -Fixed the bottom of the brush doors in the sky being entirely dark
    -Added waterfall particles and sounds to the sky waterfall
  5. Alpha 5: The Rainbow Update

    Da Spud Lord
    This update is a complete rebuild of koth_skyfall, totally from scratch. The layout hasn't changed very much, but new, rainbow-colored dev textures bring a much prettier artstyle over the bland stock dev textures. (Thanks to Nyro on Gamebanana for his pack of 277 colored dev textures!) Additionally, a few new gimmicks have been added. The only problem I have with this version is the...
  6. Alpha 4: The Skyfall Update

    Da Spud Lord
    This update adds new features just in time for April Fools, and changes the name of the map to match the new April Fool's theme of the map. And yes, I drew inspiration from Trainsawlaser. Sue me.
    -Changed name from koth_skyline to koth_skyfall
    -Control point floor opens up when capped by either team, and every 90 secs that the point is not capped
    -Severely shortened time to cap
    -Added a "shortcut" in front of each team's spawn
    -Fixed the spectator camera in the building being clipped into...