Skyfall A7a

A mirrored Trainsawlaser wannabe floating high in the sky.

  1. Da Spud Lord
    Skyfall - A mirrored Trainsawlaser wannabe floating high in the sky.

    This is my first map, so it's probably bad. So bad in fact, that it became a joke map. Seriously. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to Nyro on Gamebanana for his pack of 277 colored dev textures!

    The central control point.

    Just inside the building next to the control point.

    Red's entrance into that building.

    Red's side of the control point.

    Inside the rotating platform building on Red's side.

    Inside that building, from a different angle.

    The flank route that goes alongside the outside of that building from outside Red's landing room.

    Inside Red's landing room. This room also functions as a spawnroom.

    Just outside Red's spawnroom.

    Inside Red's spawnroom.

    Just outside Blu's spawnroom.

    Inside Blu's spawnroom.

    (Screenshots were last updated in A7)

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  1. Jack5
    Version: A7a
    The theme of this map is fascinating, but I can't bear to play on it because of the completely unpredictable death traps.