Single-flag invasion prefab

Single-flag invasion prefab V5

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  • Added some of the improvements made in Toucan
  • Added Vscript made by leezo
  • Added flag model made by MCL
  • Added .vmf, level sound, and soundscape files for both Nuclide and Toucan
  • Added SD variant of the prefab
  • Added sprites made by myself and Yrrzy
  • A few other things
You'll be missing a bunch of things for Nuclide if you choose to check out the .vmf, but most of the custom assets for Toucan are included; so that should fare a lot better.
Fixed some broken stuff, added stuff I've added to nuclide since I made this, and added some extra assets!
wow this was super broken huh
+Fixed everything?
Added extra features from nuclide, such as the flag healing players.
+Added voicelines
+Added annotation
+Added score-count system
+Improved respawn system
+Flag has shorter reset time
+Added flag warning system