Signal a7

Radio towers i guess

  1. a7 - update

    Whats New?
    • Inverted slope a slope on second
    • Switched a healthpack and ammopack on mid lobby
    • Raised some doors
    • Removed some walls on last
    • Added a ramp on last
    • Closed the connector and gave it a shutter door
    • Made distance between second and last a bit longer
    • Made all fowardspawns one way, no resupplys
    • Added ramp on 2nd
    • Turned staircase into slope
    • Respawn times set from 5 to 8
    • Clipping
    • Minor Changes
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. a6 - update

    Whats New?
    • Fixed red and blu foward spawn teleproters
    • Removed missing dev ice (again!)
    • Fixed some spots where you could leave the map
    • Minor changes
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  3. a5 - update

    Whats New?
    • Added ramp to right highground on final
    • Removed some missed dev ice
    • Made some doors bigger
    • Fused 2 rooms on last
    • Minor Changes
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  4. a4 - update

    Whats New?
    • Removed Dev ice below mid
    • Removed a flying light at blu side
    • Blocked an awkward sightline
    • Changed Respawn times from 4 to 5
    • Darkened a few areas
    • Added a small health pack on the highground flank to second
    • Moved truck in mid lobby a bit
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  5. a3 - update

    Whats New?
    • Moved red/blu side closer to mid
    • Made B area a bit bigger
    • Raised roof on last
    • Removed double shutter doors in b area and made them a bit bigger
    • Opened up mid building a bit
    • Raised mid's roof
    • Added spec cams
    • Lighting improvements
    • Disabled shadows on some props
    • Adjusted respawntimes
    • Minor changes
    Special thanks to b4nny for all the feedback!
  6. a2 - update

    Whats New?
    • Clipped props at mid
    • Decreased last cap time from 5 to 3
    • Fixed blu foward spawn
    • Deleted some shutter doors
    Thanks to all the playtesters!