Siege Downwards a3

Small Upward ripoff, but it's siege gamemode!

  1. Roses are red, Violets are blue. I'm bad at naming, 352.

    • changed capture point system
    • to capture the point you have to get 100 points
    • a player gets one point each 0.6s, by standing on point
    • added one way door, that gets unlocked when enemy team captures the point
    • added additional entrence to the end area
    • minor visual changes
    Screenshots of a3:
    20170914004253_1.jpg 20170914004346_1.jpg 20170914004605_1.jpg
  2. That one time, when playing with bots gave me some informations.

    - fixed trigger_hurt, not working in some spots
    - cliped unsolid fences
  3. Woobi, doobi, boom!

    - added siege rules signs in spawn rooms and near the middle
    - tweaked some pickups
    - added more cover around mid area
    - removed ramp on end point and replaced it with a platform
    - lowered the number of points per player (example: if there's one player on server, you will need to get 20 points, by standing on point, to spawn a cart. If there are 2 players you will need 40 points, and so on...)
    - slowed the point per second rate (a player will get 1 point each 0.7s)
    - fixed sevral lightning...