shorelight rc7

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shorelight rc7

this map is held together by fences and ocs

What says Summer fun and sunshine quite like warfare and lead filled shores!

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, Shorelight promises to deliver the most thrilling and action-packed gameplay. Unlike other KOTH maps, this one is all about fun and games. Don't worry about the objective too much, just let loose and enjoy the chaotic mayhem with your fellow players.

So grab your weapons, soak up the sun, and get ready for an unforgettable battle on Shorelight!

zythe_ - project lead, map design, detailing, some textures
Yrrzy - detailing help
Krazy - custom models
Custard1 - ocean texture, sign textures
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First release
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King of the Hill

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. rc7 - update

    whats new? fixed out of bounds exploit fixed double sun issue for HDR users minor changes thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. rc6 - update

    whats new? fixed out of bounds exploit due to missing clipping, oops! ocean water is now MOSTLY seamless -little bits behind spawn still have seams, however, theyre behind spawn so it shoudnt be too much of an issue improved skybox in general...
  3. rc5 - update

    whats new? detailing improvements - added more signs, patches and other decals around the map - fixed messed up cubemaps on ocean water optimization improvements decreased the size of a medium ammo pack to a small one in each teams staging area...

Latest reviews

I think Shorelight is the emblem of a new mapper finally hitting their stride. Shorelight is what I would expect from a Valve-quality map: It's got good game flow, getting me to the point in a quick and fluid manner, the combat is quite fun and allows most if not all classes to play their cards in interesting ways, and the map just in general looks very pretty! I will say, I think some of the decisions in the map are a bit questionable, but I'd say overall the map is just a really fun time. A solid 8/10!