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  1. zythe_

    shorelight rc6

    What says Summer fun and sunshine quite like warfare and lead filled shores! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, Shorelight promises to deliver the most thrilling and action-packed gameplay. Unlike other KOTH maps, this one is all about fun and games. Don't worry about the...
  2. GallowPole

    Koth_Fig_Tree A4

    A simple yet elegant koth map with a Tuscans spytech theme in early development. Feedback apreciated.
  3. Poiskaïoshin

    wrecked_beach B1

    In this special ctf map you'll have to bring the 3 enemy flags to your capture point.
  4. louieh

    Groynes A1d

    I've only been mapping for around a month or so, and here is my first TF2 make to make it to the beta stage! I used a bunch of assets from the bulletcrops content pack as I found a bunch of the props included really inspirational for making this map! Currently unsure if I'll be progressing...
  5. squ1rrel

    High and Low - Squ1rrel 2018-07-08

    Stationed on a bleak isle: A weathered lighthouse with a tragic existence... Thanks to the Swamp and Bulletcrops team for the custom assets!
  6. Jsd

    koth_litehouse a10

    new screenshots: Outdated screenshots: Name of the map will change The map has an overpassing over the point witch makes it more chaotic
  7. hurtcules

    Koth_RocketIsland A1

    Very early playable build of Koth_RocketIsland Core Design features - Symmetrical map design - Spawn room windows, facing each other - Water surrounding level - Multiple spawn room path flows Players fight for control on an island rocket base disguised as a lighthouse marine bay. Red and blue...
  8. Illius

    pl_sunsetbaytown A12_A

    [Name Pending] My first map, where BLU pushes a cart alongside and through a sea-side town, complete with Lighthouse and mid-town Clocktower. What is it? A 4 point, Single Stage Payload map traversing through this town. Point A: A quick bend around the road that follows the sea, just before a...