Sepulcrum A3

A king of the hill map set on the side of a cliff

  1. The capture point name is code

    Not many changes this time around

    -shortened the map a little
    -clipped the crates
    -moved/changed health and ammo
    -removed water from the cliff
    -added small detail with the cliff
    -increased water LOD
  2. An almost completely different map

    Ever release an a1 so bad you end up redoing most of it? Well that's what happened.

    -changed the point made it large and higher up
    -moved healthpacks
    -redid the building leading to the point
    -lengthened the map
    -closed off a room
    -marked the deathpits
    -some other stuff I can't remember, it's a long list

    Pics will be up soon
  3. Minor tweaks

    Turns out a 2v1 map test isn't the best for feedback, still found a few things though.

    -fixed a sightline
    -added a medium healthpack in the sewers
    -added an observer camera
    -fixed a problem with nodraw
  4. Quick name change

    A name change to avoid confusion with a pre-existing map.