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  1. Gadget

    Security Fences (Expansion Pack) 1.0

    26 modular fence section pieces (64-256 wide) 1 small pole 1 large pole with light attached (2 skins, light off and on, 3 LODs) 3 gate variations with 3 LODs Derived from (and compatible with) the security fence models made by Valve from props_gameplay. Recommended grid size for alignment in...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blu Securityfence001 4/20/2022

    This is a quick reskin of securityfence001 to add a blu version
  3. Bakscratch

    security fence rail F

    Fences based on HL2 "props_wasteland/exterior_fence002" Comes in 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 To get -textureshadows to work, rename the mapsrc/YOURMAPNAMEHERE.rad to your map.
  4. nesman

    Security Fence Expansion Pack a2

    This expansion pack currently has 3 models that can go along with the valve security_fence_section_01.mdl model. There is currently a pole, quarter sized fence, and full sized fence without end poles which allows for infinite fences in theory. This is a valve model edit so credit is not...
  5. Necrσ

    Modular Urban Fences 2017-09-09

    I made these models a while back to use for the original artpass of koth_terrace, but when the map was rethemed I no longer had any use for these models. They are similar to the existing gothic fence models, except they align better on grid and have a bit more flexibility. I realize that these...
  6. Jukebox

    Destructible Wood Fence 2017-08-07

    MDL files for a wooden fence, including pieces of the fence broken. Includes: WoodFence_Destruct_1 WoodFence_Destruct_1_Broken WoodFence_Destruct_2 WoodFence_Destruct_2_Broken WoodFence_Destruct_Post WoodFence_Destruct_Piece1 WoodFence_Destruct_Piece2 WoodFence_Destruct_Piece3...
  7. AsG_Alligator

    Skyboxified prop pack 2017-01-02

    Just a little thing i did out of boredom. I recompiled a few standard props with smaller scale to fit into skyboxes. Download contains a mini prop zoo map for reference. All new models are in props_skybox folder. Note: all security_fence models were skyboxified. 512 unit long skybox fence...
  8. MaccyF

    security_fence_section01_half v1

    initial version
  9. Tumby

    Lowered Iron Fence 1.1

    What is there to say about this?
  10. Bapaul

    72hr Modular WWII Camp Wall v2

    4 Piece Modular WWII Style Camp Wall