Seadog A7

A KoTH map set in a harbor

  1. Alpha 7

    Initially, the feedback that the point was unsafe confused me. On other KoTH maps, the point is the least safe part of the map (see: Viaduct, Harvest, and Brazil) and where they're most vulnerable. Seadog definitely creates that dynamic, but it does it to the degree that it advantages defenders on account of how many ways they have to contest the point without being seen by attackers. Capturing the point becomes about managing corners like a CS:GO map, and seven entrances are too many to...
  2. Alpha 6

    I did what I set out to with A5, nobody really complained about the height advantage of the roof being too much. The same can't be said about literally everything else. The less substantial changes in A5 also had their intended effect, "there's a death pit in spawn, I'm gonna jump in."

    The first issue is that there are too many blind corners on the point. The elbows, rooms on either side, and the roof restrict your vision of the point until you're through them, in the same way a shutter...
  3. Alpha 5

    After I released A4 my computer stopped booting! I've had a long time to think about what's wrong with Seadog. The major issue is the point.

    The average round length is over five minutes (with a three minute win time) so we know it's balanced on paper, but in practice, the reason is because the point is a meat grinder. The cap zone forces attacking players into the pit, in the perfect position for players on the roof to kill them. You aren't required to hold the roof to cap the point, the...
  4. Alpha 4

    I was basically half-asleep for the last imp, so I'm really glad the demo bot is back up. This time, I think I actually understand what I've been doing wrong. Ironically, I did the same thing I hate so much about the map Seadog was inspired by. The house connecting the spawn to the point is boring, restrictive, and doesn't offer much other than a path between parts of the map. They're too basic to create any dynamic between different positions players can take within the play space.

  5. Alpha 3

    A2 definitely played different to A1. Forget what I said about no sweeping changes! A2 arguably played worse, but I don't know if I have the sample size of map tests to say for sure. Someone discovered a really cool trimp up the hill in the courtyard, through the air to the roof, and to the other team's courtyard. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one!

    The new route to the roof was successful in connecting the ground to the roof for attackers, but the barrel jump, which was included to...
  6. Alpha 2

    The site's demo feature is broken, so unfortunately, this version has almost no feedback! I did get to play it, but what is one player's perspective compared to 24? I gathered the feedback was mostly positive, and I'd like to think it's not just my own biases saying so. Hearing, "This is what Harvest should have been" on a KoTH A1 is really encouraging!

    Despite my expressed intention, engineers and Medics complained of feeling exposed. The rooms adjacent to the point and the area left of...