Seadog A4

A KoTH map set in a harbor

  1. Avulsion
    Mannhattan/Foundry/Well-themed King of The Hill map with thematically-appropriate death pits.

    Seadog's gimmick is its indoor control point. The building helps segment the map and make it safer for short-range low-mobility classes to navigate, while the roof, death pits, and numerous flanks let everyone else play it like a DM map.


    Gadget's Railroad Tracks
    The Frontline Pack


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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. ice_fly
    Version: A4
    Beginning to look good! No exploits I could find.
    The train deathpit may be better witout the instakill, doing slow damage and trains instakilling... likewise with water.
    Could use some seagull sounds.
    1. Avulsion
      Author's Response
      In general, death pits instakill because anything else just delays the inevitable, effectively extending respawn time for no reason. Why spend 30 seconds withering away when you can die instantly and respawn in 10 seconds?

      And I know for a fact there's an exploit in this version, but I don't want to recompile so I'll keep it a secret. ;)