sd_nowhere _a8a

Simple, yet effective

  1. A8 - This next update is going to be neato.

    -Made mid less flat with the power of displacements

    -Increased the control point's captime from 4 to 8 seconds, since I felt like captures often didn't meet enough resistance, and the new rocket room layout will make it even easier to protect your teammates as they cap

    -The australium now locks the point for 80 seconds instead of 40 if the team who previously owned it picks it up after it resets - this is to prevent scenarios where the enemy team was carrying the australium, and you'd kill them and get the australium to reset, but then they'd pick it up, win the following fight and capture. It wasn't fun, because if you personally happened to be dead for most of that fight, you might get capped on without a chance to have prevented it.

    -Moved the spawns for the rocket area slightly closer to said rocket area, since I felt like the new spawn design would make players almost ubiquitously use the cliff side, when I want them to sometimes use the cliff side and sometimes go to the rocket area.

    -Positioned the spectator cameras more artfully

    -Added soundscapes

    Beta ready????
    Direct route to mid from spawn coming soon??
    Honestly, I have no idea what this map's future is gonna be.
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