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72hr Jam 2022 Scout taunt 1.1

Scout taunt for 72hr gamejam (first time using sfm)

The scout is killed by the spy and in return kills him back in this taunt.
screen1.PNG screen2.PNG screen3.PNG screen4.PNG screen5.PNG ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif
This is my first project done in Source Filmmaker after watching tutorials for 2 days and working along with the material so of course this is not going to be amazing or spectacular in any way. That being said I took this 72hr game jam as an opportunity to finally push my self to learn sfm and see what i could make for my first project. Of course I made a ton of mistakes that i still haven't figured out how to fix without breaking everything in the project since my knowledge of sfm in general is limited.
As of right now i still don't know how to extend the time or scale animations times to be longer without overwriting existing animations and many help threads on steams site were all saying things like it takes years of practice when you could of just applied a walking sequence in a certain situation I came across, but instead they gave a long answer on why it wasn't possible to make your model walk like they showed in one of the sfm tutorials.
Please go easy on me, this was my first time using source filmmaker ;_;

TLDR: I know this sucks and I made many mistakes but it was my first project in sfm.

Thank you to the sfm team for there great tutorials and random threads in the steam forums for the little things and of course Jimer Lins for saving me a few times during the process with his tips :D

heres a vod of me working on the animation for 11hrs, not including the first 5hrs.
https://www.twitch.tv/flyme101/v/79879230 sorry for the music, it was my youtube playlist, and my friends talking[warning explicit language] ;_;
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