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  1. Hey Xolf

    Sewers a1a

    -Description: For this map, I went with the idea of the mercenaries having a fight in a big area of sewers, for now I haven't thought of a reason of why they're fighting in the sewers (for lore & gameplay). When you take a look at the map, you will notice that there's not much of deep water or...
  2. Mr. Piggens

    [Fixed] Screen is black when I load into map

    I'm very new to Hammer, so sorry if this is a beginner question. I was somehow unable to find anything on this when Googling, so I guess I just couldn't figure out the right keywords. When I load into my map in TF2, my screen is black, and if I move my camera around a bit I can sometimes see...
  3. Asd417

    [GUIDE] Health Pack, Ammo, and Layout

    For summer 2022 72hr jam, I want to talk about recommended placement of pickups because the old thread has broken image links and I want to expand on it as well. I intend that this guide be for beginners however I also introduce an advanced use of pickup. Small Pickups In most cases these will...
  4. ham

    KOTH_pseudoatrium_a2 a2

    updated version of psuedoatrium
  5. Meat Man 2

    ctf_2Office 2021-09-19

    1st tf2 map, Incomplete but I really felt like uploading this. Heavily 'inspired' by 2fort and Doublecross. 2 abandoned office building that have been repurposed.
  6. Punn Ames Ardum

    Gushdown b2

    A very rushed map for the Rules of 3 Minor Contest, and this I will DEFINITLY update due to the rushed quality of it, so enjoy getting updates!
  7. Skylark

    Play your map while making it... the first time your map is even run shouldn't be after you think you've finished it; definitely not with 24 people on it. After hosting and playing most map tests last week and a bit I'm pretty sure that beginners don't play their maps while making them or before releasing and I think...
  8. Checkpoint Charlie

    Need Help With 3D Skyboxes

    Hello peeps! As I am quite new to hammer I only made a handful of maps, but I always get stuck on the skybox phase and I ruin everything. Can anyone help me with some tips and tricks with how to make my skyboxes look better? Thank you in advance! P.S. Yes I have full knowledge of how 3D...
  9. Izzy

    KOTH_Boulder_Ball A1

    Boulder Ball is a small close quarters map that favors towards classes with mobility. The map's main feature is a moving cage in the middle that acts as an obstruction and a platform that can obstruct view of the point while making the area more tight and close quarters. BB is a beginners new...
  10. [Comic]

    koth_snaketown A5

    This is my first ever map, much like other beginners I have decided to start with a koth map and to take heavy inspiration from official valve maps. My biggest inspirations for the layout would be Lakeside and Highpass, though I have mostly taken the idea of their design rather then outright...
  11. Mrperson(ita)

    if i compile a hammer map without launching tf2 how do i load the map?

    I have to say i just started creating maps today and of course i ran into a problem. i have created a simple box with a spawn point inside. when i try to run the map the compiler opens tf2 but then closes it. i tought that running the map without opening tf2 would erase the problem but I don't...
  12. Don't smoke the Shrooms

    Where do I start?

    First off, I'm sorry if this is a common post, or if a thread for this exists elsewhere, I didn't see any though. I play a lot of deathrun on community servers like Retro or Blackwonder, and after a while, I concluded that I want to create my own specialized themed deathrun map for people to...
  13. spetz

    How to create realistic moonlighting?

    First of all, I want to state that I am very new to TF2 map-making. I only started making maps about 2 weeks ago (begging of summer-ish). The map I am currently working on is a koth map set at night time and I was wondering how to create light entities that make it look like the moon is casting...
  14. Zenronaut

    Does anyone know how to open the original tf2 maps? [Solved]

    Hi there, I'm new to Hammer Editor and I would like to find where to open or decompile the original maps such as dustbowl, but no matter where I look online I can never find any resources that can help me locate them. if someone could help me out that would be perfect. Thanks.
  15. countrybumpkin

    trade_winter_resort A1

    A newly made trade map by a beginner mapper, so it wont be perfect, there is noticable seam lines, I know, but ill work to make it better as I improve Features Include: Event room Boxing Ring swimming pool basic mass spycrab room Fully textured Ambient noises Please leave...
  16. gaben's wheelchair

    treehouse v2.0

    Hello. My name is Jakob and this is my first project as tf2 mapper. Its koth and very small. Hope you enjoy it.:);)
  17. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Problems with creating custom music in a map

    I'm a beginner at creating TF2-maps and I have problems concerning sounds. I'm currently creating a trade map and it has a room with galaxy textures and the music playing is the Space Junk Galaxy theme from Super Mario Galaxy. I have one entrance to the room and the room is inside a trigger...
  18. Fewer

    Just trying to add Rain

    I'm fairly new to mapping and for my first map I'm making a little koth map in using Sawmill's art style. I've got almost everything in place, and I downloaded a decompiled sawmill to help myself out, check wood textures, get the necessary props, that sort of thing. I noticed sawmill is rainy...
  19. Some_J_Name

    koth_loading bay a3

    This is my 1st ever attempt to make an actual map for tf2. All I really care about is whether the gameplay is good. I was originally going to make the map completely indoors, but i thought that the way it is now looks better. RED and BLU accidentally built their shipping warehouses right next...
  20. crybabbo

    Soldier's workshop A1

    Summer 72Hr Jam 2017 Entry! My very first entry in 72Hr Jam event - Soldier's workshop! I'm really new to SFM, so don't judge me, I'm still learning and practicing ;) Hope you like it!