Rust Valley RC3

Wow, look at all those rocks!

  1. Bonus features on the back of the DVD

    • Added a func_brush to stop snipers aiming at players through windows
    • Added relays to allow mission makers to force gate capture
    Mission changes
    • Rebalanced Requiem to be less harsh
  2. A case of the checkers

    • Added some missing icons to the download
  3. Act surprised

    • Apparently the robot I gave you was outdated
  4. The Encore

    Forward Upgradestation relays now toggle botspawning status (bots will not spawn if the relay is used to open the forward upgrade station and vice versa)
    Finally added map photos
    Removed the nobuild and push triggers in front of the mainspawn that was supposed to be done a version ago
    Adjusted nav mesh a wee bit in a couple of places
    Moved the dumptruck near the hatch building
    Renamed Reckoning and Expert1 to Smoked Souls and Expulsion
    Added an Expert mission, Requiem
  5. 'Something' was missing in the state of Denmark

    • Updated Titanic Tyranny to fix a case of 'Something' not spawning if the forward spawn is active
  6. The Swan Song

    • Fixed a couple of visual screw-ups in the 3D skybox
    • Fixed a case of the Schrödinger's Skybox
    • Finally fixed the hatch explosion doing nothing
    • Added a spawnpoint on the right-side cliff at the front since someone wanted it
    • Adjusted nav in a couple of places to address a case of covert Sentry Busters
  7. I'm running out of ideas for titles

    • Fixed holes in displacements at the front
    • Fixed a case of custom audio causing a memory leak
    • Fixed Engineerbot Sentry Guns facing the wrong way
    • Adjusted Navigation Mesh to fix a case of bots trying to go through a door they can't open
  8. The oops

    • Adjusted visuals in 3d skybox and map
    • Added clipping to front's mainspawn to address a case of bots getting stuck on displacements
    • Giants will no longer use the flank that small Gatebots use near B
    • Fixed the expert relay not disabling recapture properly
  9. A little visual touchup

    • Added 3D Skybox
    • Added another Advanced mission by Hell-met
    • Adjusted nav in a couple of locations to fix some issues
    • Adjusted displacements to fix some strange lighting

    • Raised the Sentry Gun's health to 9500
    • Lowered the breakable's health to 2500
  10. Something entirely expected

    Adjusted bot spawn locations so they enter the field faster
    Adjusted geometry at front to open up a choke near the leftside spawn
    Adjusted visuals on a couple of places
    Adjusted the trigger_push at the front spawn to extend out less
    Adjusted Gatebot pathing on the left spawn
    Added a relay to disable gate re-capture (wave_start_relay_expert)
    Added an alternate Tank spawn
    Fixed a spot where the bomb could be trapped near B
    Fixed money getting trapped within the hatch
    Moved Tank starting...