Rust Valley RC3a

Wow, look at all those rocks!

  1. Something entirely expected

    Adjusted bot spawn locations so they enter the field faster
    Adjusted geometry at front to open up a choke near the leftside spawn
    Adjusted visuals on a couple of places
    Adjusted the trigger_push at the front spawn to extend out less
    Adjusted Gatebot pathing on the left spawn
    Added a relay to disable gate re-capture (wave_start_relay_expert)
    Added an alternate Tank spawn
    Fixed a spot where the bomb could be trapped near B
    Fixed money getting trapped within the hatch
    Moved Tank starting location


    Fixed the Sentry Gun facing the wrong way
    Raised the Sentry Gun's health to 7500
    Raised Sentry Gun so it spends less time shooting at nothing
    Lowered the breakable's health to 4000
    Increased force of the dozerblade's push
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