Route 51 A4b

15 Less Than 66.

  1. What A Cart-astrophe

    The payload cart should actually move now, don't know how I missed that one in testing.
  2. New Computer, New Route 51

    Finally got to get out a new version of Route 51, delayed by replacing my old PC. The main content of A4 is improves last by making it easier to defend and to change around cliff at the first point.

    - Increased detailing to give more of an "Area 51" feel
    - Improved clipping across the map
    - Fixed a few skybox issues
    - Generally tried to make the map feel a bit more open

    BLU Spawn:
    - Moved the truck and placed some cows inside of it

  3. Final Reimagined At Last

    The main contents of the A3 update included a remake of BLU spawn and the last point.

    Video Changelog: [InDev Link]

    General Changes:
    - Increased Detailing
    - Changed the light_env to increase the amount of light in the map
    - Cleaned-up the 'No Entry' textures on the func_respawnroomviz.

    BLU Spawn:
    - Remade the sizes of the exits and replaced the shutter doors to be setup gate doors.
    - Added an entirely new spawnroom section

    - Minor redesign to...
  4. Working As Intended

    The main contents of this update include:
    • Fixed Red spawning in their last spawn too soon
    • Changed Blu's Spawn Doors
    • Moved Ammo/Health Packs in favor of the defenders
    • Removed the ability for players to stand on top of the wood frame at C
    • Increased the chance to Red to spawn in their lower spawn at last


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