Route 51 A8

15 Less Than 66.

  1. 72hr v2 Electric Boogaloo

    With the time left on the B2B contest, it's almost like I have to make the map again in 72hrs seeing as how much I'll have to overhaul! Hopefully everything is getting better. The once tight choke of B has been redone to give BLU multiple ways of attacking and flanking the cart path.

    - Opened up the skybox across the map, may lead to lower fps.
    - Increased detailing and texturing

    BLU Spawn:
    No significant changes.

    - The lower sewer path has been elevated to meet the track.
    - The cave entrance to the right of A has been replaced with a building.
    - A new cave path has opened to the left of A.
    - BLU's first forward spawn now has an exit in the new cave path instead of infront of A.
    - A door now closes when B is capped to block off an unimportant route and prevent BLU from taking a wrong turn out of spawn.

    - 75% Overhauled! Changes of note:
    + The wooden planks over the cart path have been replaced with an enclosed bridge. The theory is that BLU is going to need control of the bridge to push through the lower arch choke.
    + BLU's old cave flank has been replaced with a building which gives an alternate route to the cart path and a route to the bridge.
    + The shipping platform in RED's alternate entrance to B has been extended.
    + RED now has an easier time retreating to C through a new door on their high ground.

    - Reduced the size of the ammo pack in the studio room.
    - BLU's second forward spawn now appears before the C choke instead of on the B point. This should reduce significantly reduce the amount of walking time for BLU after capping C.

    - No significant changes.


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