Route 51 A8

15 Less Than 66.

  1. The Overwatch Update

    You all asked for it, I did a complete revamp of A to make it look less like Overwatch because apparently I can't have a map with a cliff and a gas station. Also A played like garbage and I needed a good excuse to get rid of it.

    The new A features: Decent choke points! A semi-balanced, overpowered flanking option! Area 49 & Area 50! A cliff that isn't total bullshit! And so much more!

    - New Skybox & New Lighting
    - Basic detailing and texturing
    - The cart should actually move now

    Blu Spawn:
    - Overhauled Blu spawn to fit in with the new A point

    - The A point has been semi-completely reworked to keep the same ideas that the original game spaces had, but now they're actually decent.

    - The small cave entrance can no longer be accessed until A is capped.
    - Reduced the ammo pack at the main choke to be a Medium instead of a Full.
    - Blu can now contest Red's high ground with an added barrel jump.
    - The one-way window in Red's spawn is now two-way.
    - Re-added the small health kit on the wooden bridge.
    - Added an new concrete block on top of the existing concrete block.
    - Added more cameras.

    - The ammo and health packs near the door have been moved to Red's alternate ramp room.
    - Blu now has an additional path past the choke in the form of a one-way drop in a vent
    - Reduced the size of the health pack in the studio from a Medium to a Small.
    - Made the alternate entrance behind the blue screen more obvious to attackers and defenders.
    - Gave Blu some crates to peak over Red's red brick wall.

    - No significant changes.
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