Route 51 A8

15 Less Than 66.

  1. New Computer, New Route 51

    Finally got to get out a new version of Route 51, delayed by replacing my old PC. The main content of A4 is improves last by making it easier to defend and to change around cliff at the first point.

    - Increased detailing to give more of an "Area 51" feel
    - Improved clipping across the map
    - Fixed a few skybox issues
    - Generally tried to make the map feel a bit more open

    BLU Spawn:
    - Moved the truck and placed some cows inside of it

    - Expanded the size of the cliff face to make it easier to attack from
    - Added another entrance to the gas station
    - Removed a sightline that lead directly into BLU Spawn
    - Replaced the glass skylight with a metal cover
    - Reduced the amount of Ammo defending engineers have access to
    - Added more cactus to really capture the spirit of the cactus canyon clone

    - More cameras
    - Gave BLU a medium health kit to support their push into B
    - Expanded the area where RED has to defend near the loading bay door and the mine entrance
    - Replaced the fence near the loading bay with a door
    - Increased the delay on the main B door opening to hopefully give retreating REDs more time to escape

    - Added a new side flank behind the blue screen to support attackers and make the area feel less like a massive choke
    - Removed the small health kit on the movie set
    - Added more cover around the point to make the area feel more like a massive choke
    - Decreased the attackers priority to go into the editing studio to capture C

    - Removed the connector between RED's spawn and the window room
    - Decreased the size of the window room
    - Added more cover for defenders on the top platform
    - Split RED's top balcony into two separate spaces
    - Slightly increased the chances of RED spawning in their alternate spawn
    - Replaced the medium health pack next to the cart track with a small
    - Added a boost to the once one-way drop


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