Route 51 A8

15 Less Than 66.

  1. Final Reimagined At Last

    The main contents of the A3 update included a remake of BLU spawn and the last point.

    Video Changelog: [InDev Link]

    General Changes:
    - Increased Detailing
    - Changed the light_env to increase the amount of light in the map
    - Cleaned-up the 'No Entry' textures on the func_respawnroomviz.

    BLU Spawn:
    - Remade the sizes of the exits and replaced the shutter doors to be setup gate doors.
    - Added an entirely new spawnroom section

    - Minor redesign to the gas station including walls and a two skylights
    - Moved the rocks nears the gas station to block unfair sightlines
    - Increased the size of the cliff area but shrunk the cliff entrance to A

    - Moved BLU's flank to RED's high ground so it doesn't lead out directly into RED's spawn exit
    - Added an additional fence to RED's high ground
    - Rebalanced the pickups to favor defending on the high ground
    - Moved a side ramp into Area 51
    - Removed rocks and added more cactus
    - Area 51 door no longer immediately opens upon capturing B to allow RED members to hopefully escape on B being captured.
    - When B is captured, RED's forward spawn now shows a no-entry do instead of a regular shudder door.

    - Cleaned up the angles at the back of C
    - Removed BLU's one-way wooden flank
    - Provided more incentives for both teams to enter the studio room
    - Added a small rollback zone infront of C
    - Added water in front of RED's forward spawn exit

    Last A3 and A2 cannot be properly compared due to last being remade.


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