Relic a3

MvM map for the contest

  1. Faux Rhinoceros
    20170801054424_1.jpg 20170801055854_1.jpg 20170801060225_1.jpg 20170801060242_1.jpg 20170801060353_1.jpg 20170801060330_1.jpg Docs

    Please note that per Hydrogens request, nav and pop files are not packed into the bsp itself.

    A1 features:
    - Completed nav mesh with 11 different routes that the robots can take.
    - Advanced placeholder mission from mannworks
    - Probably too many pickups
    - Flying scouts!
    - Rude medic salesmen

    Lambs; to the slaughter!

    Install directions (just in case):
    - Unzip files
    - decompress the .bz2 file with 7zip to get the .bsp file
    - .bsp and .nav files go in \Team Fortress 2\tf\maps
    - .pop file goes in \Team Fortress 2\tf\scripts\population