Redux A5b

What was once vaguely familiar will become entirely unfamiliar.

  1. Mâché
    A simple(ish) KOTH map that I originally intended to be a reprisal of a past KOTH map, koth_ordinance, but ended up becoming its own thing.

    This map features:
    -Badlands theme
    -Rotational symmetry
    -The capture zone has a giant rocket going through the middle of it
    -A two-layered indoor (but spacious) mid
    -One-way doors (subject to change)
    And more!

    20200717010523_1.jpg 20200717010340_1.jpg 20200717010610_1.jpg 20200717010634_1.jpg 20200717010841_1.jpg 20200717010933_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. for real this time
  2. mid-imp quickfix
  3. scatman