Redux A5b

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you know what i mean
fixed borked areaportal window
-YEET'd a segment of the mid balcony to make it more difficult for one team to push into their enemy's upper room, and to serve as an alternate solution to one-way-ifying the relevant doorway without using a one-way shutter
-Removed aforementioned one-way shutter and added a bit of cover inside the upper room to compensate
-Added cover wall to part of aforementioned split balcony to prevent classes using the nearby I-beam to bypass the gap
-Made observation windows two-way instead of one-way to promote players inside to actually leave and go to the point (might get undone in the immediate next version)
-Reduced cap time from 9 seconds to 7 seconds
-Adjusted walls near rollout valley and removed the window from the nearby transition building to compensate (no one used that window anyways)
-Detailing adjustments, including roof textures (why? idk)
-Changed stairwell nearest main mid lobby room to be in its own "room" off to the side
-Changed side stairwell at mid to be less blind; formerly one-way glass windows are now two-way to expose enemies on the upper floor to those outside/below
-Re-added medium packs near small side entrance to main mid lobby room to assist pushing into new stairwell room + give jumping classes health after rolling out
-Added some minor additional details

-Fix long vis-only sightline (ie, cannot be abused by players but shits all over the optimization) using areaportal windows
-Either give more purpose/encourage more use of the spawn yard/mid yard transition buildings, or simplify them to remove dead space
-Review demos for family guy funny moments
-Re-added one-way gates to their former positions
-Adjusted geometry behind stairwells to reduce blind climbing
-Changed covered bridge between spawn yard and mid yard to uncovered bridge with a grain/ore conveyor crossing overhead
-Added some details
-Fixed some stuff
-Made every small doorway bigger
-Removed/moved unnecessary shutters, including the one-way shutter
-Adjusted/removed some packs
-Made some lights at mid a bit brighter