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Redrapids A4a

A small Yukon-themed payload made for the Payload Checklist Contest.

  1. Mâché
    This is my submission for the Payload Checklist Contest of 2018. The checklist items I completed are as follows:
    my check.png
    20181130144836_1.jpg 20181130144822_1.jpg 20181130144741_1.jpg 20181130144907_1.jpg 20181130144946_1.jpg 20181130144916_1.jpg 20181130145024_1.jpg 20181130145003_1.jpg 20181130145323_1.jpg 20181130145116_1.jpg 20181130145214_1.jpg 20181130145257_1.jpg 20181130145143_1.jpg

    ALMOST FORGOT: Locked door texture was created by Yrzzy!

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