Redrapids A4a

A small Yukon-themed payload made for the Payload Checklist Contest.

  1. minor

    -Moved resupply locker in RED's C/D spawnroom to prevent cheeky engineer strategies
    -Added some clipping to the ramp up to the shack on D
    -Made it so you can actually get out of RED's initial spawn when B is capped
  2. A4: Major changes

    -RED now spawns in a different location than in previous versions until B is capped (this nulifies the "Spawn never moves' check, but luckily the map actually met, and continues to meet, the "Cart goes over hazard" check due to the hazard finale); RED spawns in a new room connected to the interior of the building that unlocks when B is capped
    -Doors between former RED initial spawn (now C and D spawn only) and window building to A deleted entirely, interior of to-A building...
  3. A3

    -Some more textures, because why not
    -Some more roof edges, also because why not
    -Adjusted RED spawn times based on which points have been capped
    -Added a one-way door to the white building between A and BLU's first spawn
    -Aforementioned building got a slight redesign to compensate for the new door
    -Added an easily-accessible roof area near B favored towards RED
    -Changed the window route at last to be a full-on balcony with doorway
    -Added a wooden wall to the railing balcony at...
  4. A2 Changes

    -Toned the sun down a bit and changed the angle slightly
    -Extended the distance between the first rollback ramp and blu's spawn a bit
    -Made the thin accessible roof between B and C inaccessible, but added a one-way passage through it onto a small balcony that unlocks when B is capped
    -Changed the cart tunnel between C and D to be rectangular + support beams
    -Added a dropdown into the later part of the aforementioned tunnel from the window room above
    -Added a third floor to the...
  5. hotfix

    Fixed forward spawns not being disabled at the start, also reduced the setup timer.