Reckoner rc6

• Added blockbullet to greenhouses next to second to fix collision bugs

• Removed duplicate ammobox on mid

• Adjusted yellow barrels on upper-last area and shortened doorway into said area by 8u to cover unruly sightline

• Removed boxes on mid, and shaped doors carefully in cargo to avoid sightline through said room

• Reduced size of flowerboxes where boxes were on mid

• Added blockbullets to windows near flowerboxes that could potentially eat splash

• Textured visible nodraw in bottom of toxic

• Moved forward-mid spawn into toxic on low ground

• Clipped off area where said spawn used to be

• Decreased spawn times for forward-mid spawn slightly to accompany the movement back

• Fixed red forward spawn door on second clipping through brush above it when opening

• Textured nodraw behind boxes in cargo

• Changed window + table textures in a building near 2nd
The long-awaited new update is here! All sorts of polish and some important layout changes.


- Mid is back under the bridge, baby!
---- Alongside this, the two small healthkits on mid have been moved to the stairwell areas, rather than on the grass.
- Toxic has been completely redone!
---- It now comes out in the old location, but with a much nicer route to push through.
---- WAY higher ceilings
---- Side area for dodging spam
---- The forward spawn had to move, so it's got a new area
---- There's a little ledge in front of the forward to stand on now
---- Medium ammo moved to little nook beneath forward
- New route added between Lobby and Second!
---- This has been much-requested, should be good
---- Nice big doors too
- Doors from cargo into second have been embiggened
- Dropdown has been removed
- Last has been moved forward a bit.
---- Can still move spawns back if necessary, but it'll be a lot of work, so might have to happen at a later date
- Dead zone near second moved in a little
- Redundant pickups in lobby removed
- Lighting changes all around

Hope y'all have fun, let me know if anything's broken and I'll get a fix out shortly.
- Fixed clipping issue on ramp on second
- Changed instances of the shutter door prop, made them easier to avoid interacting with
- Edited fence props on second slightly
- Removed fence in cargo
- Shortened length of the entire second point area by at least 128 units in all spots
- Moved greenhouse on second point area to a more centralised location
- Removed a building on the edge of the second point to provide a much better view to the beautiful skybox
- Removed second crates on mid
- Fixed clipping bug
- General polish and preparation for the future.

• Remade toxic's choke into mid completely – this includes repositioning the entrance and the adjacent forward spawn. A brand new open-choke design is now present, alongside much nicer opportunities for jumps into mid and on crates from the new room.

• **MID IS NOW ON TOP OF THE BRIDGE.** Mid is no longer on the low ground. NOTE: This is not a change which is set in stone – I am testing out the idea to see if it encourages a more enjoyable playstyle on mid, alongside the new open choke.

• Widened main choke into mid from cargo.

• Crates on mid are now double-stacked to give better ground for soldiers, both on offence and defence. Scouts will now have a harder time getting onto crates, although there is a single lip that will allow them to jump up slowly. I can remove that lip if it proves still too good for scouts.

• ALL forward spawn doors are now non-windowed.

• Entrance from toxic to second has been enlarged.

• High ground in front of forward spawn on second is now jumpers-only.

• Upper door from lobby into second is a bit larger. Making it any larger than it is now will require a portion of lobby to be completely remade – will only undertake that if absolutely necessary.

• Cover entering from toxic is now much nicer for people attacking second, no sightline from upper lobby exit.

• Widened one of the doorframes from cargo to second slightly.

• Mast supports on mid are now angled differently to make double rocket jumping off them easier from the bridge-area: try it!

**Currently the entrances from mid to the second point are the most tentative areas of the map. I would like to see how these changes affect the map flow before going on an expedition to remake them – as it will require a lot of work to move them around. The optimisation here is pretty tight.
• Heavily reduced size of shack in all axes (exposed a few key lines of sight while still keeping some additional cover that did not exist without them)
• Bent shack roof
• Added metal ramp from side-of-mid up to bridge again! It's wider than it used to be, as well.
• Shortened length of side-mid angled jut-out by 64?-ish units, a bit more point space now
• Shortened metal entryway from cargo (why haven't I done this already? it's like free space on mid)
• Expanded space within stairwell to under mid by 16u
• Added transparent grate hole to the centre of mid bridge – not as much visibility as a fully transparent bridge, but not as opaque as a fully covered one.
• Removed a couple problem detail brushes around shack that could catch players
• Adjusted clipping around single crates to provide easier crouch jump on top of them
• Closed up diagonal fence near forklift – harder to use it to get free visibility on tunnels
  • Removed circuit breakers around the entrances to lobby which held stickytraps easily
  • Clipped lobby-green-room main exit to second
  • Widened said exit in order to make passage easier
  • Added shutter door to said exit
  • Added window next to the shutter door of said exit
    • Note: There are subtle visual indications of the door trigger! Make sure to keep an eye out, and they render no matter what graphical settings you're on. So you won't have to guess where you can or cannot stand to avoid opening the shutter.
  • Widened stairs to upper boiler lobby entrance from 112u wide to 160u. This makes movement and retreating easier and more forgiving.
  • Moved cover on upper side of last entrances for multiple reasons:
    • Cover nearby the entrance didn't provide much usefulness
    • It now blocks a sightline from lobby large door in through to that side, making it harder to collect free information
  • Pulled out left wall of last, contouring greenhouse nearby to rid the side of its sentry nooks
  • Pulled out right wall of last, offering less space for turtling
  • Moved around cover to prevent sightline from toxic angled entrance on mid through cargo (let's just see how this works before I commit to changing any major geometry around there)
  • Adjusted doorways through cargo very slightly as a result of said sightline blocking
  • Removed crates in little rooms beside mid point, filled in with concrete to make a flat-back instead (easier for explosions)
  • Removed access to ledge above toxic entrance to second.
  • Re-detailed said ledge
  • Widened 45° ramp up from grass to forklift on 2nd
  • Re-detailed interior roof of Toxic
  • Put toxic sign in toxic
  • Clipped “open” edges of mid with the delivery truck and metal railings in a better fashion.
  • Blockbulleted said railings so splash is much easier.
  • Remade small cliff leading from lower connector to far-mid area, now it's a solid brick wall. Can't stand behind the wall anymore on top of the cliff.
• Fixed minor asymmetric clipping bugs
• Fixed 3d sky showing in a place it wasn't supposed to
• Made entirety of flat portion of bridge over mid opaque
• Removed water crate on last that provides a bad sightline

• Fixed asymmetric clipping on certain vents in lobby

• Raised high ground in toxic to 1. make pushing into mid less of an uphill climb and 2. prevent snipers from shooting feet

• Reduced ceiling size in various areas to provide less bouncing and better splash coverage

• Moved around doorways in upper mid-second connector (cargo) to prevent a sightline from one side to the other, this will make pushing through easier

• Opened up various inner doorways across the map to cut back on the “double-door” sort of feel

• Raised second door leading into lobby from green room

• Fixed instances of clipping offering unfair perches, or preventing players from moving alongside geometry smoothly

• Removed box outside of small entrance to cargo

• Made main portion of bridge over mid opaque to offer a little more protection to the point

• Widened upper doorway into lobby slightly

• Added HDR

• Added a 3D Skybox (can be turned off/on with r_3dsky 1/0)

• Made right side from attacker's perspective (yellow room) more spacious

• Moved forklift away from 2nd point slightly to offer more space

• Moved healthkit in lower-mid-second connector back to original position to facilitate rollouts better

• Shifted around small bits of geometry here and there (I honestly can't remember every little thing I did over the last few months, I know I forgot some things in the changelog, and I'm sure I must have missed a few things said to me via only word-of-mouth or steam chat - please post in the thread)


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- fixed dynamic player shadows showing through certain walls
- fixed weapon models showing through certain walls