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+Shortened respawn times greatly for both teams
Respawn times were much too long given the chaotic nature of halloween, so they have been shortened a LOT

+Increased time to capture for both points
Capture time was very quick, giving RED very little time to react. The times have been increased significantly, but are likely to change based on feedback.

+Replaced delivery van in blue spawn with ambulance
People weren't able to easily tell that the van was a resupply, so it's now a more obvious model.

+Brightened environmental lighting
People said the map was too dark, so it's brighter now. Pretty simple.

+Added a door to the 'hole room' at point A which opens after capture
It was too easy for BLU to completely bypass A, which made A extremely difficult for RED to defend for long. This change should give RED a decent highground position and prevent BLU from getting behind RED too easily.

+Extended the courtyard area directly outside the church
A felt very tight, not giving RED much area to move around and BLU could just walk onto the point and win. This change feels much more fluid to play in. Extra cover has also been added to the area to accommodate for the larger area; also working to provide more of a choke.

+Changed the main stairs leading to B
The fence used as cover has been raised slightly in order to cut slightlines, and a portion of the area has been lowered slightly to provide more verticality differences.

+Added some extra gameplay props
Mostly to break sightlines, but also look good.

+Improved engineer and sniper bot performance
Engineers will now place sentries and teleporters in practical positions, and snipers will now stand in good spots. These changes have been made to prevent them from being completely bloody useless like hoLY FUCK WHY ARE YOU BUILDING A SENTRY DIRECTLY OUTSIDE SPAWN.

-Removed the Sewer-Barber route in point B
This route was quite problematic, being very narrow and maybe a bit too powerful for flankers. Removal of this route has made the fighting around B feel much better, encouraging more usage of the side building and overall improving the gameplay in the area.
+Added many signs and misc props around the map to establish a theme

+Raised max height of playable space considerably

+Added resupply locker in blue forward spawn

+Added spectator cameras

+Made some changes to red spawn to cut sightlines

+Some lighting changes

+Building and clipping changes

+RED now immediately respawns when BLU captures the first point

+Made bell louder

+Slightly reduced horseman spawn rate